Schools 2011 2012

University of Alberta observatory domes


"Thank you so much for visiting our class on Friday! The kids loved it...they thought it was pretty cool to meet a "real" Astronomer! Thanks again, Janine"

A. Blair McPherson

Aldergrove School


Brookside School

Crawford Plains School

Crestwood School

D.S MacKenzie Junior High

Dan Knott Junior High

Delton Elementary

Dickinsfield Junior High School

Dovercourt School

Esther Starkman School

George P. Nicholson School

Glenora School

Good Shepherd

John A. McDougall

Lauderdale School

Lawton Jr. High

Lee Ridge School

Major-General Griesbach

Mary Butterworth School

Meadowlark Christian School

Meyokumin School

Monsignor William Irwin

Mother Teresa

Rideau Park School

Riverbend Junior High

Scott Robertson Elementary

Sister Annata Brockman

St. Augustine

St. Clement

St. Edmund

St. Jerome Science Academy

St. Justin

Tipaskan School

Victoria School




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