Dec 31 2004

University of Alberta observatory domes


"Thank you so much for visiting our class on Friday! The kids loved it...they thought it was pretty cool to meet a "real" Astronomer! Thanks again, Janine"

Updated June 23, 2011

New Installations

Sky Scan volunteer Guy (the Antenna Guy) Almberg, who has been instrumental in the design, construction, and installation of Sky Scan antennas.

Sky Scan Science Awareness Project recently completed two more installations of radio telescopes at Edmonton area schools. The newest additions to the Sky Scan Array are located at Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts, and Westmount School. This brings to an even dozen the number of detectors in the array, including ten schools and the original prototypes at the homes of Project Leader Dave Cleary and Education Development Coordinator Bruce McCurdy.

School detectors are currently located at:

Sky Scan 1: Spruce Avenue School, 11424 - 102 St.

Sky Scan 2: Bannerman School, 14112 - 23 St.

Sky Scan 3: Balwin School, 7055 - 132 Ave.

Sky Scan 4: Parkview School, 14313 - 92 Ave.

Sky Scan 5: St. Mark School, 11625 - 135 St.

Sky Scan 6: Avonmore School, 7340 - 78 St

Sky Scan 7: Hillcrest School, 16400 - 80 Ave.

Sky Scan 8: Victoria School, 10210 - 108 Ave.

Sky Scan 9: S. Bruce Smith School, 5545 - 184 St.

Sky Scan 10: Westmount School, 11125 - 131 St.

Science 9 students at these schools will have the opportunity to conduct and analyze observations of meteor showers using automated remote sensing technology. The upcoming Geminid shower in mid-December will be observed at radio wavelengths at many of the above locations.

These installations are provided to schools at no charge, thanks to equipment and software funding generously provided by the Edmonton Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC). Related in-class instruction is also available free of charge, courtesy of a grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

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