Grade 9 Lesson Plans

University of Alberta observatory domes

Student Activities
Cosmic Collisions
Nature of Meteor Showers
Electro Magnetic Spectrum
Meteors by Radio
Radio Meteor Geometry
Observation & Analysis

"Thank you so much for visiting our class on Friday! The kids loved it...they thought it was pretty cool to meet a "real" Astronomer! Thanks again, Janine"

Updated November 27, 2011

Summary of Lesson Plans

The lesson plans included on this web-site are available for you to use as you see fit. We welcome feedback on how they work or don't work. Your feedback will be critical in developing the best possible resource for your classes. Following are brief descriptions of each lesson and links to them. Each lesson has background material for the teacher and students.

Our purpose is to provide a way for students to get excited about doing "real science" while meeting the requirements for Unit E Space Exploration in Alberta's new Science 9 curriculum.

Lesson One - Cosmic Collisions.

Lesson Two - The Nature of Meteor Showers.

Lesson Three - The Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Lesson Four - Detecting Meteors by Radio in the Classroom.

Lesson Five - Geometry of Radio Meteor Reflections.

Lesson Six - Observation and Analysis.


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