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Updated December 01, 2012

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Meteor Stuff:

International Meteor Organization {11/11/19}
A detailed list of annual meteor showers.

American Meteor Society {11/11/19}

Radio Meteor Links

Using FM radio to detect meteors {11/11/19}

Meteor Showers and Meteor Storms:

Following is a list of Web sites regarding the Leonids and other meteor showers and possible meteor storms! {11/11/19} {11/11/19} {11/11/19}

Near Earth Asteroids {11/11/19}

Amateurs & Amateur Groups

Alberta Groups

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC)

Edmonton Centre {11/11/19}
Calgary Centre {11/11/19}
National RASC {11/11/19}

Northern Alberta Radio Club {11/11/19}

Other Groups

Amateur Radio Astronomy  5.2 meter amateur radio telescope for 1420 MHz observing. {11/11/19}

BAMBI (Bob & Mikes Big Investment. Amateur RA with PC SETI software) {11/11/19}

EME, RA, SETI and Amateur Radio Weak Signal Page {11/11/19}

Michael Fletcher's site (lots of microwave info) {11/11/19}

Radio Astronomy at the University of Indianapolis (online Radio Telescope) {11/11/19}

Radio Astronomy Web Ring {11/11/19}

Randy Stegemeyer [SignalONE] RA site (lots of good info) {11/11/19}
Randy's 'Using a SmartTools digital level' as a remote dish inclinometer {11/11/19}

SARA (Society Amateur Radio Astronomers) {11/11/19}

Building a SETI Station: One Member's Odessy {11/11/19}

William Lonc  St. Mary's University, Halifax {11/11/19}

Yahoo's Radio Astronomy Section - Lots of sites related to Radio Astronomy {11/11/19}


Area31 Radio Observatory (4.5Meter UPLINK dish!) {11/11/19}

Arecibo {11/11/19}

ATFN (Australia Telescope National Facility) {11/11/19}

Big Ear (Ohio State Football Field)  {11/11/19}

Cavendish Astrophysics Group (Mullard  Radio Astronomy Observatory, U of Cambridge) {11/11/19}

Clifton Scientific Trust {11/11/19}

Cracow Observatory (Solar Radio Emission,  check out their FIGURES) {11/11/19}

Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory (Penticton.BC) {11/11/19}

Five Colleges Radio Astronomy Observatory (U of Mass) {11/11/19}

Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics (Victoria & Penticton Canada) {11/11/19}

Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope {11/11/19}

MERLIN (217km RT in UK) {11/11/19}

MIT Radio Astronomy Group {11/11/19}

National Radio Astronomy Observatory {11/11/19}

The Planetary Society {11/11/19}

The Seti League {11/11/19}

SETI Institute - The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence SETI@Home project {11/11/19}

NFRA: Netherlands Foundation for Research in Astronomy  {11/11/19}


Big Lists of Links: 

(smaller lists exist on most of the other sites)

NRAO Radio Astronomy links (Grand Daddy list of professional RA sites)  {11/11/19}

SARA links page (Very extensive) {11/11/19}


Astroarchive (Searchable  web site archive of numerous astronomy mailing lists [JAVA or text]). {11/11/19}


Down East Microwave(Lots of MW gear suitable for RA)  {11/11/19}

Poor Man's Spectrum Analyzer  (Spectrum Analyzer Kit for cheap ($250 or so US). Just add scope) {11/11/19}

Radio Astronomy Supplies (Commercial RA hardware offerings. $$ by very good.  Books too. Orlando, FL). {11/11/19}

Radio Sky Publishing. (Books, projects, newsletter and lots of useful info. Hawaii ) {11/11/19}

DKD Instruments (PC based spectrum analyzers. 810B now discontinued. PA2500 $$$) {11/11/19}



Telus World of Science Edmonton {11/11/19}

University of Alberta {11/11/19}

U of Alberta  Physics {11/11/19}

Astronomy Picture of the Day {11/11/19}

Calculating Quantization Correction Formulae for Digital Correlators {11/11/19}

Central States VHF Conference {11/11/19}

Committee on Radio Frequencies {11/11/19}
    U.S. Radio Astronomy Observatories {11/11/19}
    Non-U.S. Radio Astronomy Observatories {11/11/19}

NASA's Basics of Radio Astronomy (PDF tutorial) {11/11/19}

Solar Flux Radio Data (3 day history) {11/11/19}

SkyView (lookup co-ordinates and find source) {11/11/19}

Space Telescope Science Institute (Hubble) {11/11/19}

Edmonton Map

Edmonton Christmas Bird Count Contacts


Books & Articles:


Radio Maps of the Sky, Sky & Telescope, 63, 230 (1982).
Amateur Radio Astronomy, Astronomy, 5 ,no.12, 50 (1977).
J.Roy. Ast. Soc. Can., 72, L5, L22, L38, ... (1978).
Misc articles, Sky & Telescope, 55, 385 & 475; 56, 28 & 114 (1978).
Into Deep Space, Discover V20 #12, (Dec 1999).

BOOKS: has lots of Radio Astronomy books. Some of the following are listed there.

Radio Astronomy, J.D. Kraus (Cygnus-Quasar Books, Powell, OH, USA, 1986) (also at Radiosky). {11/11/19}
Radio Astronomy Projects, William Lonc, (Radio-Sky publishing, 1997) Table of Contents. {11/11/19}

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada publications can be found at: {11/11/19}


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