Nov 12 2002

University of Alberta observatory domes


"Thank you so much for visiting our class on Friday! The kids loved it...they thought it was pretty cool to meet a "real" Astronomer! Thanks again, Janine"

Updated February 14, 2004

Project Depends on Volunteers for Success

Edmonton, AB - The Sky Scan Science Awareness project depends on volunteers to ensure that it reaches as many people as possible. In the two years since its inception, the project has enjoyed the participation of volunteers with a variety of experience to bring unique skills required to implement it.

Most recently, the Sky Scan project installed radio telescopes at Bannerman and Spruce Avenue schools in Edmonton with the help of volunteers.

A recent newcomer to the separate hobbies of ham radio and astronomy, Guy Almberg has seized the opportunity to help join the two in the science of radio astronomy. Guy is a member of both the Northern Alberta Radio Club and the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, and now a Sky Scan volunteer. Guy is caught in action here with the antenna he built for Spruce Avenue School (pictured to left). Guy then spent a nasty November morning on the school roof completing the installation. 


Sky Scan volunteer Kevin McCurdy assists with the installation of Radio Sky Pipe, a shareware program which serves the central role as the data recorder for the Sky Scan remote sensing station. Himself a Grade 9 student at Westminster Junior High School, Kevin is currently taking the ham radio course being offered by the Northern Alberta Radio Club. Kevin juggles a busy schedule which also includes hockey, scouts, delivering flyers, and "computer learning". And school. He still finds time to help out Sky Scan, with both heavy lifting and a deft touch at the keyboard.

We at Sky Scan are proud of our association with RASC -- our founding patron -- and NARC, and particularly with the many volunteers who contribute to public education on behalf of both societies. 

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