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"Thank you so much for visiting our class on Friday! The kids loved it...they thought it was pretty cool to meet a "real" Astronomer! Thanks again, Janine"

Updated February 08, 2015
Activity for 2011/12 School Year Number As of
Number of schools participating in the program. 41 Oct 12, 2011

Number of school classes participating in the program.

85 Oct 12, 2011
Number of students participating. 2010 Oct 12, 2011

Number of schools requesting Astronomer in the Classroom visits

37 Oct 12, 2011

Schools requesting loan of RASC Millenium Telescopes

29 Oct 12, 2011

Number of school visits to University of Alberta Observatory.

45 Oct 12, 2011

Number of Grade 9 classes in FM Radio Meteor Detector program.

10 Oct 12, 2011

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