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Grade 9 Lesson Plans

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Updated October 17, 2011

There are three types of teaching resources available to use with this project:

Grade 9 lesson plans
Student activities
Information resources on meteors and meteor observing

In addition, some questions are answered and terms are defined on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Grade 9 Lesson Plans

These pages provide teachers with lessons covering the following topics:

the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Communication Technologies
the Nature of Meteors
the Geometry of Meteor Showers
Observation Techniques

A more detailed breakdown of what is covered in each lesson can be found at this link. That page also provides links to the lessons themselves.

Student Activities

Student Activities provide students with resources to work in a combination of team arrangements to carry out the project. They provide hands-on directions for exploring the fascinating natural phenomenon of meteor interaction with the Earth's atmosphere.

Students will discover what they need to know to implement the project by working in the following teams:


Descriptions of each team and their tasks, and links to the resources they will need to carry out the project can be found at this link.

Information Resources

A set of information resources is provided beginning from this link


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